Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE:  6/24/2020Consent – Public Safety/Vital Services Measure  ar.
TO:Honorable Mayor and City Council
FROM:Nick Fidler, Public Works Director
WARD:Ward 2

Concrete Polishing and Sealing at the Bakersfield Homeless Navigation Center:


  1. Resolution dispensing with bidding due to limited time to complete the remodel to get the facility operational by Fall 2020, not to exceed $87,495.
  2. Agreement with Terry Bedford Concrete Construction, Inc. ($87,495) to prep, grind, polish and seal existing concrete floor at the BHNC.

Staff recommends approval of the resolution and agreement.

The Bakersfield City Council approved the purchase of 1900 East Brundage Lane on January 22, 2020 from Calcot Limited for the BHNC.  Calcot authorized the City to start preliminary work in the warehouse area starting March 14, 2020.  Since then, City staff has been inspecting the facility in preparation for construction.


After thorough inspection of the concrete floor in the future locations of the designated restrooms and offices, men's dorms, recovery rooms, training room, dining room, staff dining room and connecting corridors, polished concrete was selected as the best flooring option.  Polished concrete offers durability, low maintenance, increased slip resistance and cost effective flooring.


Another proposal for concrete polishing was received from a second contractor with a different polished concrete flooring system.  However, the proposal was for a higher cost.  As a result, Terry Bedford Concrete  Construction, Inc. is recommended for this project.


The resolution authorizes the dispensing of bidding requirements as set forth in Section 3.20.060 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code, with a not to exceed amount of $87,495 due to the urgency of completing the conversion of the facility into a homeless shelter by Fall 2020.  The concrete polishing work will start upon approval of the agreement by the City Council.  Delays in the start of the preparation and installation of the flooring system will impede other aspects of the construction (framing, sheet rocking, electrical, etc.) that will extend the Fall 2020 deadline.


The BHNC project is budgeted with Public Safety and Vital Services Measure Funds.

Agreement- Terry Bedford ConcreteAgreement