Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE:  6/24/2020Consent – Agreements  ag.
TO:Honorable Mayor and City Council
FROM:Nick Fidler, Public Works Director
WARD:Ward 2

Contract Change Order No. 77 to Agreement No. 18-154 with Griffith Company ($18,720; revised not to exceed $29,447,206.99) for the 24th Street Operational Improvement Project.


Staff recommends approval of contract change order.


The 24th Street Improvement Project consists generally of expanding the intersection of 24th Street and Oak Street to provide four lanes in both directions on 24th Street and to allow for additional turn lanes onto Oak Street. 24th Street will be widened to six lanes from Elm Street to C Street and reconstructing and restriping 23rd Street/ 24th Street one-way couplet roadway segments from D Street to 0.2 mile east of M Street to provide for four lanes in both directions.

Change Order No. 77 provides compensation to the contractor for additional time related overhead (TRO) and grants additional days to contract. As required by the project specifications, the contractor submitted a time impact analysis (TIA) to request additional TRO for delays in the project that were not caused by the contractor and affected the project completion date. The current change order is due to the delays caused by the direct conflict of two AT&T vaults with the proposed storm drain boxes in Stage 1 of the Project. The AT&T vaults were not shown on the approved plans and during installation of the two-4'x2' reinforced concrete boxes along 23rd Street,  this conflict was discovered. The existing AT&T vaults occupied the north half of 23rd Street at Eye Street and Chester Avenue and relocating the vaults was not feasible without having a major delay on the project. Therefore, it was determined to revise the alignment of the proposed storm drain to avoid the existing AT&T vaults. After review of the submitted TIA, the construction manager for the City recommends approval of the Contractor's request. The City will grant a total of 24 days to the contract and will pay for TRO as specified in the contract at a rate of $780 per each additional working day.

The cost increase for this change order is $18,720.

The net cost increase of all the change orders to date is $1,260,642.99 which results in an increase of 4.47% of the original contract amount as illustrated below:


Original Contract Amount                                      $28,186,564.00
Previous Change Orders $1,241,922.99
Current Contract Change Orders


Amended Contract Agreement after CCOs $29,447,206.99
Net Increase to Date $1,260,642.99


Adequate federal and local funds have been previously budgeted to cover these additional costs. There are no General fund impacts associated with this change order.

CCO # 77 - TIA 1Agreement