Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE:  6/24/2020Consent – Agreements  o.
TO:Honorable Mayor and City Council
FROM:Christopher Boyle, Development Services Director
WARD:Ward(s) 1, 3
SUBJECT:Agreement with the Housing Authority of Kern County for the construction of 28 units of affordable housing.

Staff recommends approval of the agreement.

On October 18, 2019, staff issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for developers and interested parties to utilize up to $5 million in funding to build affordable housing within the City of Bakersfield. Twelve applications were received. Staff reviewed, scored, and ranked the applications based on the following criteria: developer experience, the applications compatibility with the surrounding area, project readiness, consistency with the goals of the Public Safety and Vital Services (PSVS) measure, and application completeness.


The Affordable Housing Infill Program submitted by the Housing Authority of the County of Kern (HACK) was rated as the highest scoring application. The application requested $2.1 million to support the development of nine (9) four-plexes in the City of Bakersfield located on various sites in central, eastern and southeast Bakersfield.


On February 6, 2020, City Council approved a resolution conditionally committing up to $1.7 million in Public Safety and Vital Services funds to the Housing Authority of the County of Kern Affordable Housing Infill Program for the development of seven four-plexes (28 units).



The Affordable Housing Infill Program will construct 28 units of affordable housing on five sites in the City of Bakersfield (1003 L Street, APN 009-112-08; 1005 L Street, APN 009-112-09; 119 L Street, APN 010-311-12; 2673 Sunny Lane, 126-010-33; 2675 Sunny Lane, APN 126-010-32; currently zoned R-3. Construction will begin within 120 days of agreement approval by City Council.


Housing affordability will be restricted to very low, low, and moderate-income households. Unit restrictions will be as follows: eight (8) very-low income units, eight (8) low-income units, and twelve (12) moderate-income units. PSVS funds are requested in the form of a 55-year residual receipts loan, accruing 3% interest annually. Staff has reviewed the project proposal and determined the proposal is financially feasible.

At this time, staff recommends your Council approve the agreement and invest an allocation of $1.7 in PSVS funds to assist the Affordable Housing Infill Program to develop 28 units of affordable housing.