Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE:  6/24/2020Consent – Agreements  u.
TO:Honorable Mayor and City Council
FROM:Randy McKeegan, Finance Director
WARD:Ward 2
SUBJECT:Amendment No. 2 to Agreement No. 18-105 with Commercial Cleaning Systems Inc. ($83,500; revised not to exceed $226,580 and extend the term one year), to continue janitorial service at City Hall North.

Staff recommends approval of amendment.

On June 20, 2018, City Council approved the annual contract for janitorial services at City Hall North with Commercial Cleaning Systems Inc., in the amount of $69,580; renewable annually thereafter for four consecutive one-year periods.  On May 22, 2019, City Council approved Amendment No. 1 extending the term one year and increasing compensation by $73,500.


Currently there is $4,300 available on this contract.  If approved Amendment No. 2 will add $83,500 for a revised not to exceed amount of $226,580 and extend the term one year.  Funds are budgeted in Public Works Department operating budget for this service.  Approval of the amendment will allow the City to continue to meet the demand for janitorial service at City Hall North.

Amendment 2 to Agrmt 18-105 Commercial Cleaning SysAgreement