Item Coversheet
MEETING DATE:  6/24/2020Consent – Public Safety/Vital Services Measure  av.
TO:Honorable Mayor and City Council
FROM:Randy McKeegan, Finance Director

Purchase of full size half ton pickups


  1. Accept bid from Courtesy Chevrolet Center ($264,033.84) for twelve full size half-ton pickups.
  2. Appropriate $23,100 Equipment Management Fund balance to the Public Works Department’s Operating Budget to fund the purchase cost of one pickup.

Staff recommends acceptance of the bid and approval of the appropriation.

Bids were solicited for 12 half-ton regular cab pickups. Five bids were received in response to the solicitation. The lowest bid based on Dodge pickups failed to meet the minimum gross vehicle weight (G.V.W.) specification of 6,800 lbs. The minimum G.V.W. is necessary for weight distribution and safe towing when the pickup is towing equipment trailers. Staff recommends declaring the low bidder non-responsive based on the failure to meet minimum specifications. The next lowest bid from Courtesy Chevrolet Center meets the minimum specifications and is considered acceptable by staff.

Eight of the 12 pickups are budgeted for replacement as follows, four to Recreation and Parks, four to Public Works. Background replacement justification for these eight pickups is on file in the Fleet Division. Three of the 12 pickups are additional vehicles to be issued as follows, two for Construction Inspectors and one for General Services funded by the Public Safety and Vital Services Measure (PSVS).

The remaining pickup replaces one vehicle purchased in 2015, for the Water Resources Department that is in need of repair. Due to the cost of the repairs, Fleet staff recommends replacement of the equipment. An appropriation in the amount of $23,100 is necessary to fund the cost of the unbudgeted pickup, of the amount $10,653 has been recovered through fleet rental rates and the remaining $12,432 will be recouped through future fleet rental rates.

Funds are budgeted in the Equipment Management Fund for ten pickups, one pickup will be funded through the PSVS Measure and one pickup will be funded from the appropriation to the Equipment Management Fund as requested.

The five bids received, including the non-responsive bid are as follows.





Mullahey CDJR

Paso Robles, CA

 $254,471.20  Dodge Ram 1500

 No - Did not meet minimum

G.V.W. as described above

Courtesy Chevrolet Center

San Diego, CA


Chevrolet Silverado



McPeek's Chrysler Dodge

Jeep Ram of Anaheim

Anaheim, CA

$269,069.87 Dodge Ram 1500 Not fully evaluated

Penske Chevrolet

Cerritos, CA


Chevrolet Silverado


Not fully evaluated

Jim Burke Ford

Bakersfield, CA

$286,166.45 Ford F150 Not fully evaluated

Staff finds the bid submitted by Courtesy Chevrolet Center, San Diego, California, to be acceptable and recommends approval of the purchase and appropriation.